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Inspired by the 20th-century British feminist and literary author Virginia Woolf (1882-1941), Whomfor, an affordable jewelry/accessory brand from Taiwan, recognizes the modern woman's need for both material beauty and metaphysical spiritual support. Besides offering hypoallergenic designs from talented jewelry designers, abundant pearl elements, and natural crystals, Whomfor enriches its jewelry with nourishment from literature, philosophy, psychology, and aesthetics. This combination creates a unique brand DNA that is both internally and externally comprehensive.

Apart from its original designs, Whomfor also curates select products with Western styles. The founder, with years of experience in international luxury brands, is adept at capturing key elements from the four major fashion capitals: Paris, London, Milan, and New York. This insight enables Whomfor to stay two years ahead of mainstream market trends, bridging Asian styles with forthcoming Western fashion elements.

Whomfor exclusively uses jewelry factories that have passed the EU REACH standards and adhere to environmental norms, ensuring the avoidance of heavy metals recycled from electronic waste and committing to producing hypoallergenic jewelry. The brand maintains a strict policy of sourcing directly from goldsmith sources and expert artisans, guaranteeing safety and admiration in design. Regular quality checks at the Central Gem Laboratory in Taiwan ensure the authenticity of gemstones, compliance with precious metal content, and skin-friendly components before they are put on sale.

─── Embrace Who You Are ───

Virginia Woolf stated, "A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction."

This begs the question: how many women have lost themselves due to financial constraints?

A century after Woolf's death, modern urban women not only possess good educational backgrounds and financial independence but also enjoy their own space and time. Whomfor, derived from the transliteration of Woolf's name, also asks "Whom for?". This questions whether women adorn themselves for others, as in the past, or for their own pleasure and the desire to become their best selves. Whomfor encourages modern women to bravely pursue their true selves and embrace who they are, aligning with the brand's philosophy.

Whomfor also promotes beliefs in women's empowerment, men's liberation, gender equality, LGBTQ rights, and human freedom. Customers can choose to donate their receipts to related organizations at checkout.

We believe that by truly recognizing, accepting, and embracing our own value, we can live freely and authentically, not dictated by others' perspectives, thus gaining true freedom and living our true selves.

Be True to Yourselves and Embrace Who You Are.

Change Ourselves First, then We Can Change the World.