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2024 Membership

How to Become a Member of WHOMFOR?

Just sign up for free on our official website, filling in your basic information and birthdate. You'll become a member of WHOMFOR.

Your accumulated spending is calculated daily at midnight (GMT+8). Based on these totals, your membership status will be automatically updated—upgraded, downgraded, or renewed. Once your order totals reach the upgrade criterion, you'll be elevated to the corresponding membership level. You will receive an upgrade notification via the email you provided, as well as SMS.

How to Check My Membership Level?

To check your membership level, simply log into your account on our website and navigate to the 'Profile' page. Here, you can view your current membership level, the expiration date of the level, the benefits you are entitled to, and the additional spending required to upgrade to the next higher membership level.

Guidelines for Using Birthday Voucher and Rebate Credits.

To access exclusive member offers and benefits, please ensure you are logged into the correct member account before placing an order. It is crucial to use the same member account to redeem your Birthday Voucher, Rebate Credits, or other benefits.

Birthday Voucher Issuance: The Birthday Voucher is automatically sent by the system on the 1st day of your registered birth month and is valid for 60 days.

Rebate Credits Issuance: Rebate Credits are valid for 90 days after they are issued.

To redeem your Birthday Voucher or Rebate Credits as a discount, your order must total at least NT $800. The maximum discount amount you can use is limited to 20% of the order total (subtotal after any promotional discounts).

*Please note that all prices on the website are in New Taiwan Dollars. If you pay in foreign currency, the exchange rate may fluctuate based on the purchase date.

How Does the System Calculate Member Upgrades, Downgrades, and Renewals?

Order Completion Status: Orders are automatically updated to 'Completed' status by our system 10 days after the package arrived or pick-up.

International Orders: These orders are automatically updated to 'Completed' status by the system 10 days after shipment.

Membership Tier Upgrade - Eligible Spending Amount: The total amount considered for upgrading your membership tier includes all orders within the past 12 months that have been marked as 'Completed' and whose payment status is 'Paid'. Amounts from canceled or refunded orders are not included. For 'Cash on Delivery' orders, the amount is included once the payment is confirmed.

Accumulated Spending Calculation Period: The system calculates your total spending over the past 12 months. For instance, if you check your accumulated spending on 2024/01/03, the system will review orders from 2023/01/03 to 2024/01/02 to determine how much more you need to spend to upgrade the next membership tier.

Upgrade Eligibility Calculation: The system calculates your total accumulated spending amount daily at midnight (GMT+8) within your member account. Once your order total reaches the upgrade criterion, the system will automatically upgrade you to the corresponding membership tier.

Renewal Eligibility Calculation: At the expiration of your membership level (GMT+8), the system automatically calculates your total accumulated spending within the current membership period. If this meets the renewal criterion, your membership will be automatically renewed and the expiration date of your membership level will be updated.

Renewal Calculation Period: The system backtracks the spending within the 'duration of your membership level' to verify if the renewal threshold has been met. For instance, consider a 'Silver Card Member' whose renewal condition is to spend NT$3,000 after upgrading. If a customer is upgraded to Silver Card Member on 2024/03/01 with the membership valid until 2025/02/28, the system on 2025/02/28 at midnight will backtrack spending from 2024/03/01 to 2025/02/28 to confirm if the renewal criterion (calculated over the past 12 months) has been met.

Renewal Criterion Achievement: Once you meet the renewal criterion, any spending prior to the renewal date cannot be included in the accumulation for the next membership level upgrade. This means when your membership is renewed, your accumulated spending amount resets to zero and starts accumulating anew.

Membership Downgrade Calculation: At the expiration of your membership level (GMT+8), the system automatically calculates your total spending over the past 12 months, counting back from the expiration date of your current membership level. If you are unable to upgrade or meet the crterion for renewal of the same level, the system will automatically determine the membership tier you currently qualify for.

WHOMFOR reserves the right to modify, change, or suspend this program. Any matters not covered here will be addressed in accordance with WHOMFOR's relevant regulations or interpretations and may be supplemented and announced at any time.